Success Built on Reputation

Bell Trucks America Inc.’s South African parent company has a proven track record of approximately sixty years. Bell’s off-road articulated dump trucks (ADTs) are being distributed by Bell Trucks America Inc. in a mutually beneficial relationship. It has only been four years since Houston, Texas-based Bell Trucks America began, but it is quickly gaining a reputation for being the best at what it does. We spoke with its Senior Vice President of Sales Kevin O’Donnell to find out more.

Bell Trucks America

Keeping Customers Doing their Job Since 1951

Monroe Tractor is New York State’s go-to source for new, used, and rental equipment, parts, service, and support for the agriculture and construction industries. With knowledgeable technicians, highly dependable and responsive field support, and a vast inventory of equipment, with parts for all makes and models, Monroe Tractor delivers unmatched service.

Monroe Tractor

Versatility and Skill

BC Drywall Installations Ltd. provides a wide range of drywall-related services including demolition, installation, mudding and taping, plastering, priming and final coat painting. It also installs steel studs, drywall, special ceilings and acoustical ceilings.

BC Drywall Installations

Rebuilding the Dallas Skyline

Texas-based H&G Systems is approaching fifty years in business and continues to provide the highest-quality commercial plumbing and HVAC services for customers in North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

H&G Systems

A Passion for Plaster

Cooper Plastering Corporation is a traditional plastering firm headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. Its specialized professional plastering installations include a variety of decorative and functional services for an extensive list of clients.

Cooper Plastering

More than Just a Stamp; this is a Brand

Patterned Concrete Industries is a pioneer in stamped concrete that specializes in decorative architectural concrete finishes. This is a proprietary start-to-finish system, installed by highly trained professionals who are licensed and trained by Patterned Concrete Industries and dedicated to delivering the best quality of stamped concrete.

Patterned Concrete Industries

Going Green

Pacific Mobile Structures is carving out a niche as a provider of “green” modular buildings, and earning accolades and new business for its efforts. Based in Chehalis, Washington, Pacific Mobile sells, rents and installs innovative mobile and modular structures.

Pacific Mobile Structures

Turning Back Time

The Durable Restoration Company is a general construction company that specializes in traditional historical restoration techniques and methods, using materials that are historically correct. The company has approximately one hundred employees at five offices spread throughout the country and is dedicated to bringing buildings back to their original condition.

The Durable Restoration Company

Doing it Right, the Reno Way

Since its founding, Reno Contracting’s mission has remained steadfast. “I started with Matt Reno in 1989. We’ve been friends since 1987, and from the beginning, it was always, ‘We’re going to do the right thing,’” said President and Chief Operating Officer Walt Fegley. This seemingly simple statement forms the basis on which Reno Contracting has built its success as one of the largest, most prominent build-to-suit general contractors in Southern California.

Reno Contracting

Homebuilding in North America

The construction industry is a vital economic engine and an indicator of strength. Homebuilding adds significantly to the gross domestic product (GDP) of a country, and when the industry is down, so too is the economy. The cyclical nature of the homebuilding industry can significantly affect a country’s economy.

An Economic Snapshot

When One Space Meets Another

Architecture has always been considered fine art. Whether it’s the Acropolis, Chartres Cathedral or a Frank Lloyd Wright design, if it’s aesthetically pleasing and form follows function, it’s art.

November 17, 2018, 9:43 PM EST