Long-Lasting Outdoor Living Style

Superior Plastic Products

Superior Plastic Products manufactures outdoor living products that are elegantly designed with a timeless style. Using its forty years of design and vinyl manufacturing expertise, the company provides a wide variety of styles and products constructed to enhance the customer’s enjoyment, security and privacy with low-maintenance modern materials.
Superior Plastic Products is the parent company that encompasses the affiliated companies Key-Link Fencing & Railing, Master-link Supply, and Cardinal Building Products, all based in New Holland, Pennsylvania. These four companies focus together on outdoor living related supplies and products.

Superior Plastic Products manufactures the vinyl fencing and railing and creates picnic tables, pergolas, benches, planters, cold frames and anything else that is required to transform a yard, a garden, a deck or a balcony into a beautiful, relaxing outdoor living space. Key-Link Fencing & Railing manufactures aluminum fencing and railing as well as horizontal and vertical cable railing. Master-Link Supply is a smaller company that makes chain-link fencing, and Cardinal Building Products is a wholesale distributor of a variety of low-maintenance building products.

The Superior Plastic Products manufacturing facility in New Holland produces the many products from start to finish. The vinyl extrusion process begins with a silo full of vinyl resin that is extruded at the plant using tooling equipment and then fabricated into fencing, railing and other outdoor products in a completely self-contained and local process. The company also packages and ships its own products and supplies to various fencing and railing companies who distribute to the end user.

The company was founded in 1978 by John Lapp, an Amish farmer who started a fencing business. It grew rapidly due to the high-quality products and reasonable prices and quickly expanded from the initial chain link fence product to the variety of railings and other outdoor products it now offers.

John’s son, Reuben Lapp later became the owner, and although the company is no longer Amish, its roots still surround the same strong work ethic with which it started. During the recession in 2008, the vinyl extrusion plant in New Holland was closed by the company that owned it at that time, and Reuben decided to purchase it. He re-hired all of the workers who had been let go by the closing plant and got the facility running once again. The production process, in turn, became more efficient for Superior and its affiliated companies.

Superior has a staff of approximately two hundred and forty people who are treated with utmost respect in a workplace atmosphere of innovation and creativity. “Hardworking and innovative are two adjectives I would use to describe the employees,” says Melanie Hess, the content writer and event coordinator at Superior Plastics Products.

Problem-solving skills are a fundamental prerequisite for the staff, and employees are regularly encouraged to take initiative. Employees feel empowered to suggest new ideas or solutions to the upper management due to the friendly and supportive work environment.

The values of Superior are a part of every business decision. Honesty, integrity and trust are needed to maintain high moral and ethical standards, and the commitment to excellence and continuous improvement encourages all employees to improve job performance each day. Individuals are taught to recognize their importance to the success of the company which, in turn, inspires the confidence to take responsibility for all actions and ideas.

The reoccurring challenge that Superior faces is standing out above the competition. The vinyl railing and fencing products market is large, and there are many options, so the company has been continuing to improve its products through innovation and creativity.

The advantage for Superior is its control over the process from beginning to end. “We extrude it; we fabricate it; we package it, and we ship it. It is all done here. It is all controlled by us, and it is overseen here, so if there is ever a problem, we can correct it almost immediately,” explains Melanie.

The vinyl warranty offered by Superior is quite exceptional compared to most of its competition. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty for the vinyl product, and it covers a portion of the labor costs to fix damaged fencing or railing at a rate that is prorated over five years. In the first year, one hundred percent of the labor costs are covered, and that amount is lowered by twenty percent each year. Other vinyl companies will offer the limited lifetime warranty without the labor, and customers are stuck with finding an installation solution on their own.

All of its railing products come in sectioned boxes that are carefully put together for easy installation. One benefit of the pre-boxing is that, by making it easy for contractors to install the products, they will more likely become repeat customers who value the extra effort made by Superior.

The cable infill railing products offered by Key-Link have recently become much more popular, due to the industrial look that many modern customers appreciate. The thin cable infill also increases the visibility and creates a much more open view than a standard railing with balusters, while maintaining the same safety standards. The cable infill can be horizontal or vertical.

The growing company is continuing to expand its product range and hiring new employees in the process. “We want to keep bringing the products that people want to the marketplace and providing people with high-quality products,” says Melanie. “We’re always looking at what people are talking about and using.”

A new product for Superior is the structural pergola range that has aluminum supports inside all of the posts, increasing longevity and making the structure more durable through the changing seasons, as the pergolas can withstand the heavy weight of the snow during the winter. The sixteen-foot-square pergola with four columns is a customer favorite.

Another of the company’s new products is WoodTone fencing, which mimics the natural look of wood. The printed wood grain on the vinyl is made with a very durable kind of ink and combines the classic appearance of wood with the long-term, maintenance-free convenience of vinyl.

Melanie says that Superior is excited about its newest innovation. “It gives you a wood aesthetic without the actual problems of wood. It is not going to rot or fall apart over time, and it doesn’t need to be painted.” The fencing comes in two colors – white pine and seasoned pine –and in different styles, including picket, privacy and post-and-rail. The easy-to-install product is considered to be the next generation of vinyl fencing.

Customers appreciate when a company is committed to the longevity of its product. The products designed and manufactured by Superior are made to last; there are aluminum rails in the bottom rail of every fence to keep it from sagging over time. It is all part of the company’s goal: to treat customers as they would want to be treated.

May 18, 2021, 7:04 PM EDT