Making a Great Impression

Custom Rock Formliner was established as a concrete contractor in 1971, specializing in both commercial and residential stamped concrete. Over the next decade, Custom Rock evolved and focused on theme-scapes, producing realistic-looking artificial landscapes across the country for zoos, casinos and retail stores such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.

Custom Rock Formliner

From Precast Concrete to Rapid Growth

Royal Concrete Pipe is a rapidly expanding manufacturer based in Stacy, Minnesota specializing in precast concrete pipes, manholes and other products for sewers and storm water. A sister company, Royal Environmental Systems, offers products for water treatment and utilities infrastructure. The aim for both firms over the next few years is diversification and growth.

Royal Concrete Pipe

Longstanding Industry Leadership

Established in 1952, Municipal Ready-Mix has become a fixture in Nova Scotia, serving the Cape Breton regional municipality. In fact, since its inception, the company has had a hand in every single construction project in the region, in one way or another.

Municipal Ready-Mix

Tilt-Up Construction Specialists

Lithko Contracting, LLC was formed in 1992 by skilled concrete construction professionals who found the constant travel their job required was no longer conducive to their growing families. Seeing an opportunity to create a different kind of organization, they formed a commercial concrete contracting company focused on working close to home.

Lithko Contracting

Up to the Challenge

STABIL Concrete Products LLC is a company known for being able to do the things that other companies cannot or won’t do – the challenging projects. Working with innovative materials that enable architects to design stunning, durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly buildings and hardscape applications makes the company stand out from its competitors…

STABIL Concrete

Integrated Solutions, Added Value

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and serving customers from multiple office locations worldwide, Command Alkon has been bringing innovation to the construction materials industry since 1976. The company has come a long way to offer highly-innovative supply chain solutions that control, measure and improve performance.

Command Alkon

Keeping Underground Infrastructure Watertight

Hamilton Kent Inc. manufactures and supplies rubber watertight sealing systems and components such as seals and gaskets to ensure underground storm, sewer and water pipes remain watertight. Preventing underground infrastructure from leaking or absorbing unwanted water can stave off pollution, sinkholes and massive repair bills, explains company president and COO, Bernard Grégoire.

Hamilton Kent

Representing the Concrete Pipe Industry

The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) is the nation’s voice of all matters influencing the concrete pipe industry. Representing the industry since 1907, the organization helped oversee the rapid modernization of America’s infrastructure throughout the twentieth century. Now, in the twenty first century, the ACPA continues to move the industry—and America’s infrastructure—forward through education, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

American Concrete Pipe Association

Above and Below

Mine site construction, both above ground and far below, is a labour-intensive process requiring considerable expertise, planning, and strict adherence to safety procedures and protocols. Long before mines become fully operational, they must be designed. Above ground, there will be structures ranging from repair shops to cooling towers, buildings for administration, and more. Deep beneath the soil, shafts are planned, excavated, and reinforced, and underground infrastructure is created.

Underground Mining Infrastructure

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