Building a Strong Reputation in Marine Construction

Pangea Enterprises is a leader in the American oil, gas, and maritime industries. Guided by CEO Marco Pesquera’s unique perspective on company needs and industry trends, Pangea sets itself apart through the quality of its work and the skill of its tradesmen.

Pangea Enterprises

Building Colorado’s Light Rail, Roads, and Bridges since 1985

The story of a small family business that succeeds is a fundamental a part of the American dream, and Jalisco International, Inc. has just such a story. In just thirty-one years, Jalisco has grown to eighty employees and generates over $22 million a year in sales. Executive Vice President Antonio D. Ledezma and President Rich Ledezma spoke to me from company headquarters in Commerce City, Colorado.

Jalisco International, Incorporated

Facing a Challenge

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has over 150,000 members and representation in 177 countries. It is the United States’ oldest national engineering society, having been established in 1852. Its mandate for existing is simple: to advance the civil engineering profession for the welfare of humanity. In doing so, ASCE provides the voice for the built environment. However, there are issues to be addressed. ASCE aims to do just that and do it proactively.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Sustainable Innovation

Chemetall is a leading global player in all facets of surface treatment, with a core competence in the chemical treatment of metal surfaces. The team is dedicated to the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for surface treatment, allowing the company to deliver far more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Chemetall US

Building the Machine Tools that Build the World

Todd Cordes serves as the international sales manager for Peddinghaus Corporation, the leader in Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment. When Peddinghaus purchased an existing facility in Illinois from its native Germany in 1978, the firm expanded its manufacturing flexibility. However, the machine tool manufacturer used this facility to better serve the North American market. This was such as successful investment that the firm moved its corporate headquarters here in 1994.


Growing as Rapidly as its Name

Rapid Equipment Rental Ltd. is a heavy construction equipment rental company in Toronto that is growing, well … as rapidly as its name. Rapid offers a full range of brand-name construction equipment and four branches across the province of Ontario.

Rapid Equipment Rental

Sound Solutions

In the field of construction, proper acoustic design is just as important as the foundation upon which the structure rests. For over sixty years, the team at Valcoustics Canada Ltd. has provided professional acoustical engineering consulting services to builders, developers, planners, architects, governments, the legal profession and many others.

Valcoustics Canada Ltd.

Indoor Comfort Specialists

Trinity Maintenance Solutions Ltd. has helped countless customers across Atlantic Canada by providing unique and highly efficient energy efficiency services and solutions since 2006. The company is known for its professional, reasonably-priced services and friendly customer service and serves a range of clients in residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Trinity Maintenance Solutions

Quality Woodwork

Elias Woodwork has been manufacturing cabinetry and millwork components since 1983. The Winkler, Manitoba based business supplies products for a wide range of industries, with a specialization in the kitchen sector.

Elias Woodwork

Manufacturing the Finest Appalachian Hardwood Products for more than 70 Years

Built on a decades-long tradition of quality, excellent customer service, superior selection, and timely delivery, Yoder Lumber Co. Inc. remains one of the most respected providers of top-quality hardwood products in America.

Yoder Lumber

July 6, 2020, 7:50 AM EDT