Cleaning Up the Competition

Sewer Equipment of Dixon, Illinois is cleaning up its market, so to speak. The firm, which designs and manufactures sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment, celebrated its seventy-fifth-anniversary last year. The company prides itself on its customer-focused culture, blue-collar attitude and the design simplicity of its products. The growing firm continues to introduce new equipment, built to a decades-old ‘keep-it-simple’ standard.

Sewer Equipment

A Unique Road Contractor with a Rock Solid Future

Based in Genoa City, Wisconsin, Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation describes its core purpose as Supporting Infrastructure Responsibly. The company has worked on everything from airport runways to parking lots, access roads and Interstate toll ways. Rock Solid is proud of its work ethic and the ‘green’ nature of its business.

Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation

Connected through a Shared Vision

Palmer Paving Corporation takes its role as an industry leader very seriously. Incorporating core values, organizational culture and a sense of trust into every project has defined the Palmer Paving name for sixty-two years.

Palmer Paving

Unsurpassed Expertise

Austin Materials is a vertically integrated construction and paving business that is committed to being the preferred aggregate, asphalt and paving company in central Texas. With unsurpassed expertise in building and maintaining highways, roads, commercial and residential properties, it is well on its way.

Austin Materials

Taking Texas by Storm

Texas Cordia Construction is a young, dynamic company specializing in highway and heavy civil construction. The Edinburg, Texas based general contractor boasts experience in the full range of transportation projects, but specializes in road construction.

Texas Cordia Construction

Construction Supplies & Services Firm Builds Up the Lone Star State

Oldcastle Materials Texas is one of the most prominent companies providing paving and construction services and supplies in the Lone Star state. The company operates five main brands: Wheeler, Texas Materials, Texas Concrete, TexasBit and Gulf Coast.

Oldcastle Materials Texas

A Century of Progress

2017 is the TxDOT Centennial. After one hundred years on the job, the department has plenty of accomplishments to celebrate—and plenty of plans for the future.


Protecting Workers in Any Environment

Quest Safety Products is a trusted partner with the right safety supplies for any environment. The company brings vast safety knowledge, personalized customer service and a range of products on which its customers have come to depend.

Quest Safety Products

Safety Culture

Since the nineteenth century, trade unions and professional organizations have played an influential role in establishing standards and laws that protect and improve the well-being of workers around the world. Workplace safety and well-being initiatives have come a long way, but there is still a great deal of work to be done.

Promoting Superior Performance through Wellbeing

From Here to There

Throughout history, humans have been limited by simple logistics – how to get from here to there? For thousands of years, venturing out of one’s village required braving wild and rugged terrain. Travel was inherently dangerous. Roads were rough and rudimentary, if there were any at all.

September 25, 2020, 12:23 PM EDT