Success Built on Reputation

Bell Trucks America Inc.’s South African parent company has a proven track record of approximately sixty years. Bell’s off-road articulated dump trucks (ADTs) are being distributed by Bell Trucks America Inc. in a mutually beneficial relationship. It has only been four years since Houston, Texas-based Bell Trucks America began, but it is quickly gaining a reputation for being the best at what it does. We spoke with its Senior Vice President of Sales Kevin O’Donnell to find out more.

Bell Trucks America

Keeping Customers Doing their Job Since 1951

Monroe Tractor is New York State’s go-to source for new, used, and rental equipment, parts, service, and support for the agriculture and construction industries. With knowledgeable technicians, highly dependable and responsive field support, and a vast inventory of equipment, with parts for all makes and models, Monroe Tractor delivers unmatched service.

Monroe Tractor

Sprawling Cities

Urban sprawl can be a good indicator of growth and development but requires foresight. As cities continue to swell outwards, it is important to understand what causes this phenomenon and what its implications are.

The Upward and Outward Debate

Building the Next Generation

As thousands of experienced workers retire across North America every day, it is small wonder many industries are concerned about the future. It has been a decade since the oldest members of the baby boom generation started leaving their jobs, removing from the workplace decades of experience and skills that are tough to replace. The situation is so dire that, when younger workers are not available or knowledgeable enough to take over, retired staffers are often called back to work on a part-time basis.

November 18, 2019, 5:57 AM EST

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