Delivering Real Success

HTS Texas is an independent, built-to-order commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC equipment provider. It builds complex automated systems and offers technical servicing for various heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. The company’s building automation systems include temperature allotting controls, humidity controls, security controls, fire alarms, and low voltage solutions.

HTS Texas

Building Community

Lakewood Construction of Holland, Michigan takes immense pride in the quality of its work, the abilities of its employees, and the fact that the firm has stayed true to its roots. Located next to Lake Michigan, the company primarily serves the Western Michigan market.

Lakewood Construction

Cold Weather Construction

Across North America, cargo shorts, Capri pants and flip-flops are relegated to the back of the closet, with parkas, sweaters and boots taking their place. And just as we winterize our bodies and our cars with warm clothes and snow tires, we do much the same to our houses in preparation for the cold months ahead, from cleaning out gutters to sealing cracks around windows and doors, wrapping pipes with insulation, replacing the furnace filter, draining water from the outside faucet and – if there is a fireplace or woodstove – stocking up on firewood. And those who fail to prepare often pay the price with drafts and high heating costs or, even worse, mould, moisture damage or frozen pipes.

Building for the Winter Ahead

How This New Builder Is Striving to Be Green

Based in Markham, Ontario, DiGreen Homes is a high-end, family-owned builder serving the Greater Toronto Area. It was established in 2013, after President Abubakar Masood had already been involved in the industry for 13 years. His father was a builder, and his grandfather was as well.

DiGreen Homes

Preserving the Past and Building the Future

Take a look inside Chris-Tel Construction, a construction management firm rich in family history whose relationship-driven core values set it apart from other firms in the area.

Chris-Tel Construction

Taking Commercial Construction to the Next LEVEL

LEVEL Construction is a one-stop shop commercial construction company founded in April of 2005 by a team of architects, business managers and operations experts. From the very beginning, the company leadership intended to offer a full suite of commercial construction services at competitive pricing.

LEVEL Construction

A Legacy in Commercial Construction

Based in Henderson, Nevada, Gillett Construction provides commercial construction services in the Las Vegas area and beyond. With a reputation built on integrity, transparency and expertise, the company is committed to achieving clients’ goals.

Gillett Construction

Where Performance Speaks for Itself

A lot can be said about a family-owned and operated company that has spanned six decades in the construction industry, but as Glover Construction Company demonstrates, quality and safety in performance speak for themselves.

Glover Construction Company

Building Southern California since 1919

Founded in 1919, Pinner Construction has been providing high-quality and exceedingly sustainable facilities that contribute to the development of the local communities of Southern California for close to 100 years. As the company transitions from a family-owned business under the leadership of Mr. Dirk Griffin, CEO, he spoke to Construction in Focus about his plans for the company and maintaining its success.

Pinner Construction Company

Measure Twice, Cut Once

While all of us are familiar with the old saying ‘you get what you pay for,’ when it comes to construction projects, the words of legendary American business magnate and philanthropist Warren Buffett ring especially true: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

The Risk of Lowball Bids

Keeping it Green

As cities grow, the need for environmentally conscious design grows with them. More and more every day, sustainable landscape architecture is playing a central role in the design of the green spaces that define our communities.

June 6, 2020, 8:56 AM EDT