Ventilation Innovation

As many of us know, well-sealed and insulated buildings ensure greater control of heating and air-conditioning systems, offering efficiency while controlling costs. Yet while efficient, these spaces have a propensity to trap odors, chemicals and humidity in the home which contributes to poor indoor air quality if not properly ventilated.

American Aldes

33 Years of Speed and Perfection in the NY Construction Industry

Famous in New York State’s public works circles for its quick response time and quality work, Perfetto Contracting Co. Inc. is as much a part of the place as Brooklyn itself. The company has constructed a phenomenal amount of infrastructure in and around NYC, and has built a reputation as a trusted, noteworthy operator in its field.

Perfetto Contracting

Remarkable Service, Remarkable Results

Perera Construction and Design, established in 1980 by Hank Perera, is a general contracting firm based out of California with licenses in four states – California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Specialized in healthcare, education, energy, telecommunications and most recently, entertainment industry projects, Perera Construction and Design prides itself on meeting all its clients’ specialized needs.

Perera Construction and Design

Setting a Higher Standard

Since 2005, Milestone Equipment Contracting Inc. has been providing the Vancouver Island market with high-quality civil and infrastructure, environmental, industrial and commercial, and residential construction services, on time and on budget. The Nanaimo, British Columbia-based excavation contractor was founded by 36-year-old entrepreneur Josh Fayerman, who noticed an inconsistency in quality and professionalism within the excavation industry.

Milestone Equipment Contracting

Quality Work around the World

Privately-owned general construction company Epik International Inc. began its operations in 2012 and is based in Arlington, Virginia. It is unique in that the head office is in the U.S., but the work performed is across the globe. Most of the company’s workers are Turkish as that country provides a deep pool of resources. Work is less costly when compared with its U.S. counterparts, and this keeps Epik very competitive. We spoke with its Vice President of U.S. Operations, Bozkurt Yurdakul to find out more.

Epik International

Excellence in Engineering

Structural engineers are responsible for designing, planning and overseeing construction projects, taking visions from conception to reality. Needham DBS is an award-winning structural engineering firm that excels in the execution of world-class projects for clients across industries.

Needham DBS

Targeted Tenacity and Project Excellence

With decades of experience behind it, davisREED has become one of the fastest growing companies in the markets it serves. Despite its growth, it has maintained its character upon which much of its success is built.

davisREED Construction

Turn-Key Concrete Construction

Procon, Inc. is a leading concrete contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, government, and education projects. Procon provides turn-key concrete construction services, and specializes in formwork, flatwork, tilt-up, concrete frames, and concrete paving.


The Engineers Who Think Outside the Box

S&ME is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based ENR Top 100 engineering firm with national reach and expertise in geotechnical, civil, environmental, construction and planning services.


Collaborative Design for Everyday Experiences

For 55 years, BRR Architecture, a firm that’s all about building relationships, has been designing the built environments people use every day – the places where they shop, go to work, eat or relax. With national headquarters in Kansas, 10 office locations and licenses in 50 states and three provinces, the firm’s philosophy remains consistent: Listen first, then create.

BRR Architecture

Housing Affordability

Affordable housing generally refers to the average cost of housing that can be maintained financially by a middle income earner. However, depending on the housing market you find yourself in, your income bracket, your desire to rent or own, the size of the dwelling required, and the age and condition of the structure, the meaning of the term ‘affordable’ varies.

April 2, 2020, 11:32 PM EDT