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Good data is as central to construction work as bricks, mortar, and scaffolding. Gathering and analyzing statistics about worker hours, schedules, payroll, weather conditions, vendor costs, equipment location, fuel use and consumption, materials, safety, and other factors can mean the difference between failure and success.

Data Solutions for Smarter Construction

Raising the Quality of Life with Innovative Buildings

LCH Developments (previously known as Lifestyle Custom Homes), is a residential building development company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) focused on serving individual communities based on their needs. In an effort to optimize available space, it gets approval to convert underutilized pieces of land into the highest and best use for the neighbourhood.

LCH Developments

Changing Skylines with Landmark Buildings

Think of some of the most amazing buildings in the U.S. – the three bulbous glass spheres with pentagonal panels for Amazon’s new office in downtown Seattle, the Chase Center Office Complex and impressive new dome for the Golden State Warriors, the wave-inspired expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Developing the Future

In a world where mainstream thinking is the norm, it’s exciting to discover a surging real estate development company where the free-thinking approach of its founders is challenging the way business is done in that market.

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From a Team of Five to the Largest Self-performing Electrical and Lighting Contractor in the U.S.

Rogers, the Alpharetta, Georgia-based firm known as “Rogers Electric” until a recent rebranding, is on an explosive growth streak. The company’s performance over the past few years has been, well, electrifying.


Because First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Sheathing a new building in cladding is about two things – protection and appeal. The design is usually architect-driven, but the final result can only be as good as the fabricator. River Supply brings exceptional technology, experience, and innovation to making first impressions count.

River Supply

Leading with Experience

In the increasingly competitive world that is the construction industry, to truly stand out from the crowd is rare. Allow me to introduce S&S Concrete Floors, a world leader in concrete construction.

S&S Concrete Floors

Rapid Growth Thanks to Service, Values-Based Leadership and Great Construction Equipment

Later this year, Houston-headquartered CBS Rentals will open its twelfth location in Bryan-College Station, a metropolitan area in Texas. The rapidly-growing construction equipment rental firm takes pride in its vast inventory, stellar service, and values-based leadership style that emphasizes more than just the bottom line.

CBS Rentals

A Family Company Feel with Big-Company Capabilities

JM Coull, Inc., is living proof that a company doesn’t necessarily have to be the biggest in order to make a big impact in the industry. Providing solutions to its clients’ building needs for 35 years with a focus on safety, quality and partnership, JM Coull (JMC) offers comprehensive and competitive construction services in preconstruction, construction management and design-build construction with hands-on service, attention to detail and award-winning results.

JM Coull, Inc.

Trenchless Tunneling Masters

In construction, one of the most challenging tasks is excavation. Working in widely differing soil conditions, crews face everything from undocumented gas and water lines to rocks, roots, crumbling century-old cast iron sewer pipes, and other obstacles, hazards, and surprises.

Midwest Mole, Inc.

More Than Just a Trend

The construction industry is typically slow to evolve. Despite the existence of countless new innovations and technologies, and safer, better ways to do things, it is an industry where tried and true construction methods and long-accepted materials are seldom replaced by a new product or approach.

April 19, 2021, 11:11 AM EDT