Building with Heart for 33 Years

JWR Construction Services

JWR Construction Services, Inc. is a full-service, general commercial contractor based in Deerfield Beach, Florida. JWR Construction prides itself on an impressive list of long standing clientele. Their approach is popular with their clients, as it meets their needs in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. By subcontracting all work, JWR Construction chooses the best people for each job. General Manager, Dustin DuBois shared a few interesting facts about the company.
JWR Construction Services was founded in 1985. At the time, there was a great market need for well-constructed commercial buildings, and Dustin’s father Jerry DuBois and his business partner Bill Gallo spotted a unique gap in the market. “Bill is an architect. Together, they helped pioneer the design-build concept,” says Dustin. The pair realized that people needed assistance throughout design, budgeting and construction, and the two friends were right there with their clients from the very beginning of each project until completion.

Their business philosophy was relationship-driven, and so, they concentrated on having a great rapport with their clients. Today, the company’s construction success is still based on building and maintaining strong relationships. Nobody is treated like a number, which is evident in the golden thread of family values that run through JWR Construction Services.

Of course, keeping operating costs down and offering superb service also go a long way to keeping clients happy. All these factors secured the company’s future and carried it through the tough times. The loyalty of long-term clients and the firm’s diverse portfolio meant that while many construction companies were forced close their doors during the last recession, JWR not only stayed afloat but prospered.

As the economy went for a loop, people went back to school. Suddenly, schools had money and were spending it. JWR Construction Services steered straight towards the higher education market and reaped the fruit of its labor. “In 2008, we had one of our most productive years,” says Dustin.

Since its early days, JWR Construction Services has focused on servicing a wide variety of industries. While one of the company’s long-term clients, Chartwells, specializes in providing food services for universities, JWR also constructs restaurants, outdoor shopping plazas, office buildings, financial institutions, health and elderly living communities. They also work on higher education institutions and multi-family residential construction in Florida.

In the past twenty years, the company has grown significantly in size, project diversity and abilities. Despite its substantial growth, it remains welcoming and approachable.

Their Procore project management software features state-of-the-art, centralized database technology that facilitates swift communication between the company, project owners and the design and construction teams. It also allows project owners easy access to many of the documents involved in the planning and construction process. It simplifies the whole experience and makes working online as a team an absolute breeze.

Dustin was raised in the business. “I remember being dropped off at the job after school with the instruction: Here’s a shovel and a wheelbarrow. See you in a couple of hours.” He formally joined the company in 2009 after serving five years in the Navy as a Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman.

The family is involved in every project at some level. “We have many long-term clients, and everyone here is involved with all those projects. We are very value-driven,” says Dustin.

At the company’s weekly project management meetings, the management team reviews every project and any possible issues. The great merit in this is in the fact that there is always somebody on the team who has come across issues for which other team members may have found solutions. In this way, experienced members, some with up to forty years in the trade, share professional support and experience with the rest of the team. These meetings also support task commitment and accountability throughout the company and keep morale high.

JWR Construction Services is made up of thirty-three dedicated, hard-working professionals who know how to deal with high work volumes. Dustin is really proud of all his employees. “We have great staff throughout. Everyone pulls together to get the job done, and that’s really important,” he says.

The company is perpetually looking for more people to join it. It offers continuing education to all its staff and really supports those who want to achieve related studies.

This close-knit team’s dedication has been the bedrock of JWR Construction Service’s greatest pride: the relationships with its long-term clients. These relationships have landed them many accolades and some seriously impressive projects, like the Rolling Hills dormitory that JWR built for Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida in 2008. This complex, project entailed converting an existing hotel into a graduate dormitory and helped make that year the best for the company.

JWR is part of the local chamber of commerce and various other trade associations. The company has two board members for the Associated Builders and Contractors. This is the largest construction association in the U.S.A., and JWR Construction representatives influence a great many political decisions to better the industry as a whole. JWR Construction Services insists on staying ahead of all legislation changes and that may affect their clients or the construction industry as a whole.

Dustin lives by the belief that doing well means helping others along the way. For this reason, JWR Construction Services assists as many organizations as it can. They are as generous as they are successful and very involved with an organization called Rebuilding Together Broward. The group provides upgrades to homes for low-income individuals, particularly veterans. They also work with Broward Navy Days to support the US Naval Fleet when they visit Broward County. JWR Construction is very dedicated to supporting this cause among many others.

His father and mentor Jerry DuBois is well known in the industry for being a hands-on owner. “My father always ran the company with the mindset that everybody is family. His open-door policy has fostered an environment in which people can grow in their careers, wherever they are on the ladder,” says Dustin. While he prefers to keep a low profile, his reputation as a first-class contractor precedes him. In an industry where integrity is easily compromised, Jerry has never wavered. He wants the DuBois family always to do what is right. “It is important to us that we can go to sleep knowing that we’ve done the absolute best we can for our clients and our staff,” says Dustin.

The shortage of young people joining the construction industry is a national issue. Dustin and the Board of the Associated Builders and Contractors work with the Federal, State and Local Governments to improve social perceptions of careers in the construction industry. “I don’t know any other industry that provides the potential upward mobility that the construction industry offers. You can have your own very lucrative business within fifteen years of donning your hard hat for the first time. There aren’t many careers out there that are this rewarding,” he says.

For JWR, the most rewarding part of being in construction is that the company truly becomes an intimate part of their clients’ team. The company’s success comes from looking at projects through the owners’ eyes. For JWR, there is much more than just analyzing collections of drawings and bringing it all to life. Understanding owners’ needs and supporting them throughout the process with decades worth of experience and the company’s attention to detail, makes all the difference when doing business with JWR Construction Services.

The company wants to keep growing and improving. But it’s the people that Dustin enjoys most about the industry. “Welcoming new clients and connecting with their staff is both extremely important and fun at the same time,” he says.

Every brilliant solution is preceded by a well-considered question. Throughout their history, JWR Construction Services has only ever asked itself one question: What else can we do to provide more value for our clients?

More Than Just a Trend

The construction industry is typically slow to evolve. Despite the existence of countless new innovations and technologies, and safer, better ways to do things, it is an industry where tried and true construction methods and long-accepted materials are seldom replaced by a new product or approach.

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