Keeping You Covered

For many of us, the idea of dealing with the insurance company is about as pleasant as going to the dentist for root canal. While few enjoy anything to do with the process of making insurance claims for damage to our homes, the alternatives of waiting too long before contacting our insurer can result in an even bigger headache.

Home Restoration and Insurance Claims

Recognized Worldwide

SLCE Architects, LLP is celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary this year. The award-winning company has grown over the decades to become one of the most prominent firms in the metropolitan area of New York City. From its offices in New York and London, it actively pursues projects in markets in the United States and spanning the globe.

SLCE Architects

Building Relationships, and Much More

WHPacific is a full-service engineering, architectural, planning, and technical consulting firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices spread across the Western United States. With $35M in annual revenue, and over 250 employees, WHPacific is an engineering firm to be reckoned with.


A Great Canadian Success Story

Lemay was established in 1957 by George Lemay, father of current Chief Executive Officer Louis Lemay. Located in Quebec, Lemay employs 350 people with talent from across Canada. It is a leading architecture and design firm with a strong commitment to being the best and its sights set on continual growth.


Construction After Crisis

Natural disasters across the world have been increasing in frequency. Some claim that this is a result of global warming, and others cite overbuilding in flood zones as the primary cause. “As you put more and more people in harm’s way, you make a disaster out of something that before was just a natural event,” said Klaus Jacob, a senior research scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Responding and Rebuilding

For those who Choose Quality

Master Electric is a leader in the electrical industry and has earned its title by providing customers with highly-responsive, day-or-night service. The company’s service-oriented approach to electrical construction and technical services has proven that quality is more than just a word in its slogan—it is the driving philosophy behind its success.

Master Electric

Taking Technical Services to the Next Level

Windemuller provides advanced technical and design services throughout Michigan. The company was established in Grand Rapids in 1954, primarily as an electrical contractor. However, over the past sixty-two years, the company has grown to offer a comprehensive range of services.


Shattering Misconceptions of Union Contracting – through Training, Innovation, and a Culture of Excellence

Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) is shattering the negative connotations sometimes associated with being a Union contractor. Thriving today as the largest specialty contractor in the Rocky Mountain region, the company’s story is a tale of historical significance, humble beginnings, a struggle to survive, and the hardened resolve of a company committed to the growth of its most precious asset: its people.

Sturgeon Electric

Building a Strong Reputation in Marine Construction

Pangea Enterprises is a leader in the American oil, gas, and maritime industries. Guided by CEO Marco Pesquera’s unique perspective on company needs and industry trends, Pangea sets itself apart through the quality of its work and the skill of its tradesmen.

Pangea Enterprises

Building Colorado’s Light Rail, Roads, and Bridges since 1985

The story of a small family business that succeeds is a fundamental a part of the American dream, and Jalisco International, Inc. has just such a story. In just thirty-one years, Jalisco has grown to eighty employees and generates over $22 million a year in sales. Executive Vice President Antonio D. Ledezma and President Rich Ledezma spoke to me from company headquarters in Commerce City, Colorado.

Jalisco International, Incorporated

Due Diligence

The workplace is where we spend one third of our lives. Work is intricately woven into every aspect of daily living. And self-preservation in the workplace – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, can change everything about it for the better.

October 18, 2019, 6:00 AM EDT