A Northern Ontario Success Story

Greg Seguin, the general manager at Lopes Limited, says his firm is “quite sophisticated, as far as Northern Ontario goes.” It is a good description for the award-winning, family-run firm that performs fabrication and other industrial services. Lopes is based in Coniston, Ontario, on the outskirts of Sudbury, which puts it close to the geographical center of Canada. As such, Lopes is strategically located near the Trans-Canada Highway and major rail lines.

Lopes Limited

There’s no Place like Home

This direct link between the built environment and wellbeing is especially true of the family and the space in which they live. And these conditions can be maximized to promote lives well lived.

Designing for the Whole Family

From Here to There

Throughout history, humans have been limited by simple logistics – how to get from here to there? For thousands of years, venturing out of one’s village required braving wild and rugged terrain. Travel was inherently dangerous. Roads were rough and rudimentary, if there were any at all.

September 25, 2020, 12:19 PM EDT