The Total Package

In December of 2014, we had the privilege of speaking with Gabriel Hernandez, who told us about family-run Tekton Construction of Florida. The company is a shell contractor, and this method has really taken the industry by storm.


Raising the Roof

For manufacturers of all kinds, installing or relocating equipment is a mammoth task, except when Lee Contracting saves the day. With thirty years of experience and more than four hundred employees, the company keeps huge manufacturing operations running every day of the year all over America, and saves clients many millions of dollars in downtime each year. There is virtually nothing this company does not offer in the field of facility expansion and relocation.

Lee Industrial Contracting

A Brighter Future for Florida Roadways

While the sunshine state may bask in the light of our nearest star, there is a growing company with plans to make it that much brighter. Arc Electric’s origins are that of a humble small business started in 1995 with one employee and a focus on residential electrical work…

Arc Electric

Where Knowledge Translates into Success

The Sack Company is a turnkey multi-trade specialist serving the Southeast United States that is positioned to take full advantage of the growth that is taking place in and around the Port of Savannah.

The Sack Company

Bringing Visions to Life

Steven Feller P.E., LLC is a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering firm based in Florida, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, New York, Tampa and India, with project experience nationally and internationally. The firm works with some of the biggest developers and real estate entities in the world.

Steven Feller P.E., LLC

Asbestos Abatement Experts

Over ninety percent of 1 Priority Environmental Services’ revenues are generated through asbestos abatement; the balance is duct cleaning and dealing with mold and lead-based paint. From its Fort Worth headquarters and eight locations, 1 Priority Environmental Services’ staff serves customers throughout New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. The company’s work ranges from approximately $2,500 to $5 million, with an average project size of about $100,000.

1 Priority Environmental Services

Over 35 Years of Heavy-Duty Protection

Since the dawn of man, humanity has understood safety in numbers. As the jungle out there is now mainly made of concrete, this sentiment holds especially true when searching for an insurance company who genuinely and fully understands its field.

USI Insurance Services

90 Years of Creating Singular Structures

When you read about business stories of success, there is often a common thread that runs through them – determination, hard work, passion, and a dream.

Severud Associates

Homers, Hot Dogs and History

Baseball stadiums – not many entertainment venues are as unique, varied and captivating as the hallowed homes that host the players and teams that participate in the American national pastime. Baseball stadiums range wildly in many different aspects. Some are new and very modern with all the newest and latest amenities, while others are very old, with a certain charm that can only be found in a structure built in a bygone era.

Boston’s Iconic Fenway Park

Old-World Ethics & Modern-Day Style

Legacy Service knows that the quality and condition of roofs, windows, and sidings not only drastically influence the market value of a property, but also affect its structural integrity. All three of these components play an important part in keeping the structure of a house dry, which makes quality the key.

Legacy Service