Keeping it Clean by Night – and Now Day

Sustainable solutions, dedicated staff, efficiency, and reduced waste are just a few of the reasons St. Moritz Building Services has earned its reputation. The usual things – just done much better. But with its unstoppable move to day cleaning, St. Moritz is taking janitorial services to a new level.

St. Moritz Building Services, Inc.

Leading the Way to Zero Energy

Students at Discovery Elementary School crowd around a terminal reading the building’s energy use. It’s near the end of the school year and the numbers are in the positive; with its solar panels and renewable energy, the school is offsetting its energy use and for its fourth year, is once again making a positive impact on the environment.

CMTA Consulting Engineers

People Who Listen, Design That Speaks

After CSHQA’s Boise, Idaho office was completed in 2013 to meet LEED Platinum standards as set out by the US Green Building Council, it became a ‘living laboratory,’ showcasing what is possible when architects, engineers, and clients collaborate to create energy efficient, sustainable buildings.


Changing Skylines with Landmark Buildings

Think of some of the most amazing buildings in the U.S. – the three bulbous glass spheres with pentagonal panels for Amazon’s new office in downtown Seattle, the Chase Center Office Complex and impressive new dome for the Golden State Warriors, the wave-inspired expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


A Legacy of Innovation

Behind some of the most iconic and immediately recognizable structures ever built is John W. McDougall Company Inc., one of the world’s best-known industrial and architectural metal contractors. The successful enterprise – now in its third generation of family ownership – still serves clients with the same professionalism, expertise, and high-quality service more than eighty years after it was founded.

John W. McDougall Company, Inc.

Experts in Historic Renovation, Restoration, and Conservation

Few are trusted more than the experts at the Clifford Group of Companies when it comes to undertaking historic structure projects. Canada’s undisputed expert in masonry and restoration for almost half a century, the group encompasses Clifford Masonry Limited, Clifford Restoration Limited, and Clifford Group Limited, which has a local office in Calgary, Alberta and head office in Scarborough, Ontario.

The Clifford Group of Companies

60 Years On, DIALOG Design Goes International

You may not have heard of DIALOG Design – but chances are, you know its work.


Smarter Spaces by Design

The corporate world is rapidly changing, and so is how we work. Setting the standard for office furniture and design, as well as office interior construction is Corporate Environments.

Corporate Environments

A Modern Take On Staircase and Cabinet Installation

With its proprietary, pre-manufactured staircase system, Signature Company takes care of craftsmanship so that its customers do not have to. The firm focuses on making its clients’ lives much easier by providing them with custom kitchen cabinets, staircases, and railings. Its quality is such that even seasoned cabinetmakers have a hard time matching it in the field.

Signature Company

Future-Proofing Schools

Futurism is a tricky subject. Futurists can analyze demographic and technological trends, but the harsh truth remains that it is simply not possible to know how our society will look ten, fifteen, or twenty years in the future.

Using New Ideas, Technology and Building Methods to Train the Next Generation

May 7, 2021, 9:21 AM EDT