Celebrating Outdoor Lifestyles

Outdoor living is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Instead, America is embracing the lifestyle, turning what used to be a fad into a standard feature of the modern American home. And nobody’s better at creating the setting than Kline Brothers.

Kline Brothers Landscaping

Shining Bright In Carolina

When Superior Cranes, Inc. recently arrived at a site on the East Coast, its client’s employees started cheering with sheer joy – a sign that this company is running cranes right.

Superior Cranes, Inc.

New Mixers, New Technology, New Programs

There have been significant developments at ProAll International Manufacturing, Inc., since the firm was profiled in the September 2017 issue of Construction in Focus magazine. Based in Olds, Alberta, ProAll designs and manufactures concrete mixers and mixer controls for a global clientele. The company will be launching a first-of-its-kind line of lightweight, aluminum mixers and a telematics system next year while a mixer trade-in program is in the works.

ProAll International Manufacturing

Elevating the Painting Trade

Cornerstone Coatings is not your average specialty-coatings contractor. With a dedicated focus on continuously training its painters, the company is an industry leader in elevating the painting trade itself in order to meet the high technological demands of today’s specialty-coatings market.

Cornerstone Coatings

Building the Future

As high school students across the country struggle each year with decisions about future options and different paths to follow — to attend college or university, to get a job right away, or something completely different — ABC Rocky Mountain Chapter has a few suggestions to offer. Whether just starting out, looking for a mid-career change, or transitioning from military service back to civilian life, the construction industry has a lot of positive, beneficial attributes for just about everyone.

ABC Rocky Mountain Chapter

Pavement Preservation in Colorado

Asphalt maintenance company A-1 Chipseal Co. operates throughout the State of Colorado, primarily within the municipalities, where it provides a full suite of sealing and surfacing products. The company aims to be a one-stop shop for all of its customers’ asphalt maintenance needs.

A-1 Chipseal Co.

Proud and Strong – CAPA Strives to Improve and Advance Asphalt Industry

Dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive information while supporting its more than 250 organization members, the nonprofit trade association Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) proudly represents the asphalt industry of Colorado. The “voice of the asphalt industry” throughout the state, CAPA includes producer/contractor and user organizations in 78 cities, towns, counties and special districts, who utilize the invaluable technical assistance provided by the association.

Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA)

Breaking Ground for Women in Construction

Lasenta Lewis-Ellis didn’t plan for a career in the construction business. As president and CEO of LLE Construction Group, however, she now provides an array of services to clients in South Carolina, with general contracting, project and construction management, and facility and maintenance and management. She has a host of degrees and qualifications, and is truly dedicated to not only growing her business and proving herself as a woman in a highly competitive and traditionally male-dominated industry, but also to sharing her knowledge and expertise to help guide women and youth as they work to establish themselves through their own small businesses.

LLE Construction Group

Family Roots Run Deep

With 127 years of experience to their credit, the Kinder family’s construction business, now helmed by a fourth generation, specializes not only in design build, but also site selection, remodeling, finding the right partners for every project, and helping non-profits raise money, all while locating existing buildings for a variety of projects. To say ‘they do it all and do it well’ is not an exaggeration.

Michael Kinder & Sons

Covering Texas

For Neilesh Verma, multiple awards and recognitions from long-term and new customers alike are signs that Galaxy Builders, Ltd. is on the right track. Galaxy Builders has been acknowledged as one of the top workplaces by the San Antonio Express-News for an impressive four years in a row and appears on the San Antonio Business Journal’s list of the top fifty privately-owned companies in San Antonio, Texas, among its many acknowledgements. The company’s award-winning projects extend from the Texas Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley, giving rise to its slogan ‘We Have Texas Covered.’

Galaxy Builders

From Here to There

Throughout history, humans have been limited by simple logistics – how to get from here to there? For thousands of years, venturing out of one’s village required braving wild and rugged terrain. Travel was inherently dangerous. Roads were rough and rudimentary, if there were any at all.

September 30, 2020, 1:10 AM EDT