A Seventy-Year Legacy of Promoting Tile with Style

The use of ceramics can be traced back to the ancient worlds of the Assyrians and Babylonians, but these versatile materials still hold an unrelenting appeal in the modern day world for their strikingly artistic and visual presentation and durability. Perhaps most importantly, ceramic tiles add beauty to any living space with a plethora of colours, finishes, shapes, and styles. New production technologies have made them a desirable option for builders, designers, architects, and homeowners.


Fibreglass Windows and Doors for the Energy Efficient Construction Industry of the Future

Cascadia Windows and Doors manufactures fibreglass windows, doors, and cladding support systems for large-scale projects. Its products are beautifully designed without compromising the essential detail: performance.

Cascadia Windows and Doors

Investing in Employees and the Local Community in La Antigua, Guatemala

Caoba Doors manufactures elegantly designed luxury windows, doors, and millwork. Amidst a culture of woodworking in Central America, its base in La Antigua, Guatemala has allowed the company to develop an experienced team with the ability to combine a historical appreciation of the craft with the rapidly changing demands of technology. The company is the largest employer in the area and has maintained a strong commitment to its employees and the local community that has helped it reach success.

Caoba Doors

New Ownership Leading to Continued Growth

MPL Corporation proudly serves the hospitality, multi-family, student housing, military, healthcare, and senior housing industries with full, durable tub and shower systems. For twenty-five years, it has used only the highest quality raw materials and unique production processes that give its products the ability to endure the challenges that come with a heavy construction site.

MPL Corporation

Top Quality, Every Time

Structural steel fabrication company SteelFab Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with locations throughout the Southeastern United States and Texas and a market that spans from coast to coast. Privately-held SteelFab is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and is currently among the top three fabricators in the country.


The Storage Specialists

If you need a storage facility, Macon General Contractors has you covered. This is a family-run, family-owned business that specializes in agricultural and other bulk-commodity storage buildings. While definitely ambitious, company officials are also extremely focused and pragmatic – traits that have allowed Macon to thrive in the construction sector.

Macon General Contractors

Building a Better Tomorrow

The desire to build and create is a basic human drive. As technology has advanced, so too has our mastery of construction. But every now and again, technology leaps forward to bring about new eras and breakthroughs in construction technology.

The Supreme Group

Bringing 21st Century Learning to the West Side of Chicago

Something big is happening in Cicero School District 99. Kids are out of their seats, exploring and making new connections to their world. Welcome to education for the leaders of tomorrow.

The New Sherlock Elementary

Doing Good Things

Thirty-five years in a tough industry is an achievement deserving of congratulations. With a reputation for consistent and affordable quality, Phoenix Contractors, Inc. is proud to share its legacy of construction with the world.

Phoenix Contractors


Family-owned steel fabrication and construction company Walters Group Inc. designs, fabricates, and constructs commercial and industrial projects throughout North America. Even as the firm grapples with tariffs on steel and aluminum, it is looking ahead to mega projects in New York and Toronto and the workforce of the future. We spoke with Walters Group Inc. CEO and Chairman Walter Koppelaar.

Walters Group

Seeing Red

In 2018, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released several of the worst examples of so-called “Red Tape” that businesses and developers need to complete before getting projects off the ground. The list reads almost as a cautionary tale for anyone hoping to get a development, whether a condominium or a warehouse, completed quickly and on time.

January 18, 2020, 3:49 AM EST