75 Years of New York City Comfort

There are not many commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors that typically respond to emergency calls within two hours in the bustling hub of New York City. Lane Associates can. In addition, this company remains at the forefront of the latest technology and earth-friendly applications, building automation, paperless reporting, fleet tracking, and much more.

Lane Associates

Concentrated on the “Premium Customer Experience”

Building Controls and Services Inc. (BCS) provides a unique blend of high-end HVAC system products and services that include Building Automation, Facility and Energy Management Systems, Mechanical Equipment, Security Systems, Expertise and Training, as well as a premier Service and Parts department to back it all up.

Building Controls and Services Inc.

Digitally Re-inventing the Supply Chain

Human beings are fallible, and in an era driven by Big Data and the speed with which it’s analyzed and yields information, automation can eliminate most of the limits on human decision making. With this in mind, Command Alkon has developed a platform to digitize, integrate and optimize the entire heavy material supply chain of large construction projects.

Command Alkon

A Family Firm Grows While Maintaining the Founder’s Vision

What has been the single biggest change at V. Paulius & Associates (VPA) since Business in Focus last profiled the firm in December 2016? Sadly, it’s been the loss of company founder and family patriarch Vytautas “Victor” Paulius, says his son, Raymond Paulius, AIA, PP, LEED AP. Victor passed away in July 2017, the year the Allendale, New Jersey-based firm marked its 50th anniversary.

V. Paulius & Associates

An Assurance to Protect What Matters Most

Assura Windows and Doors, LLC., designer and manufacturer of impact windows and doors for the residential market, is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Broward County, Florida, slightly north of Fort Lauderdale. Assura’s Plant Manager Armando Barrionuevo describes how impact windows and doors “protect all that matters,” so families are safeguarded from injuries resulting from the impact of “high-velocity debris during a storm, by keeping the elements outside the home rather than inside.”

Assura Windows & Doors

In the Right Place at the Right Time

When looking at the construction industry, one thing is certain: there are not enough skilled tradespeople, yet the need for companies to build, erect, or renovate is growing by leaps and bounds. Heavy equipment and cranes are crucial for construction and operators are in huge demand. In comes Heavy Equipment Colleges of America with private education and training.

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

Growth through Diversity

For a company that enters the industrial contracting industry, there are usually two paths from which to choose: specialize in one area and be the best around or build a wide knowledge base and offer your customer something broader. LMC Industrial Contractors sits comfortably somewhere between these two pathways.

LMC Industrial Contractors

Embracing the Future

360 Rail Services specializes in design/build projects for the railroad industry, operating as a full-service contractor out of Denver, Colorado. The company involves itself in every aspect of railroad service, including design and engineering, construction, maintenance, inspection and repairs, as well as operations like trans-loading and switching.

360 Rail Services Brings New Solutions to Railroad Industry

Ahead of the Game and Poised for Success

Northwest Excavating is sixty this year, and it has never been stronger. It has also been over a year since Robbie Groff took over as President from his father who built the company. This has not been without a few hurdles, as emissions standards in California are quite stringent. However Northwest Excavating is back on track after investing in new equipment and upgrades.

Northwest Excavating

Experienced Professionals Delivering Safe, Quality Results

Is bigger necessarily better? While a relatively new and smaller company, Toronto-based ProPhase Ltd. has established a strong track record of providing the kind of quality electrical work seen from larger firms, minus the overhead and red tape. Through its professionalism and regard for safety, the company is now working to build energy independence in the Toronto area.


July 14, 2020, 3:32 PM EDT