Turning Passion into World-Class Products

Somero’s focus has always been on innovation and technology in the commercial concrete business. This company is the pioneering spirit behind high production, high quality concrete flooring, and it continues to set the trends going forward. We spoke with its Vice President of North American and International Sales Lance Holbrook.

Somero Enterprises

Heavily Focused on Safety and Training

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) was created to advocate for the concrete pumping industry with a particular emphasis on safety. In 1974, when the association began, one of the biggest challenges was persuading contractors to accept the concept of a concrete pump over crane and bucket, truck dumping, or other concrete laying methods. At that time, the pumping equipment was not as reliable as it is today, but over the years there have been numerous innovations in concrete pumping equipment.

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA)

A Reputation 15 Years in the Making

Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, J & M Steel Solutions has become a leading erector in the Western United States. For the last fifteen years, through repeat performance of excellence, a culture of safety and unparalleled expertise, it continues to be selected to take on bigger and better projects.

J & M Steel Solutions

Employee-Owned Firm Builds on Nearly a Century of Success

Builders Steel Company of North Kansas City, Missouri, which specializes in structural steel fabrication and erection, can trace its roots back nearly a century. If there a ‘secret’ to the longevity of Builders Steel Company – besides doing excellent work – it would likely boil down to two main things: collective ownership and a customer focus.

Builders Steel Company

Taking Precast to the Next Level

Coreslab International is an industry leader in the manufacture of precast and prestressed concrete components. With eighteen plants across the United States and Canada, the company offers a wide range of related services, each location specializing in the services best suited to their particular markets. The company is a leader in innovation and structural design committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of service.

Coreslab Structures

Forerunners of the Cellular Concrete Revolution

CEMATRIX supplies and installs cellular concrete in applications across North America. This foamed concrete material is lightweight when compared to traditional concrete, and air bubbles within it also give it insulating properties, greatly increasing its range of applications.


Demolition Done Right

The Demo Company is a Texas-based demolition company with locations in both Dallas and Austin specializing in technically challenging projects in environmentally sensitive locations.

The Demo Company

Paving the Way

It can be easy to take for granted some, if not most, of the luxuries with which we have surrounded ourselves. While it is easiest to look back two decades and see how computers have changed our lives, we do not often look at the environments we inhabit…

Ronyak Paving

#BeccoCares for its Employees and its Community

Heavy highway construction company Becco Contractors, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma self-performs nearly all of its work with a minimal amount of help from subcontractors. Its services include demolition, rehabilitation, and new construction of bridge structures as well as concrete paving and asphalt paving of streets, highways, and turnpikes. The company also performs projects involving earthworks, underground water, sewer, and storm utility installation, trucking, and recycling.

Becco Contractors, Inc.

Unique, Family-Run Firm Offers Full-Range of Real-Estate Services

If you are looking to have a building developed, constructed, and managed all by the same firm, think about contacting KIRCO of Troy, Michigan. This unique, vertically-integrated real estate company has a long list of high-profile projects and a full range of property-related services.


More Than Just a Trend

The construction industry is typically slow to evolve. Despite the existence of countless new innovations and technologies, and safer, better ways to do things, it is an industry where tried and true construction methods and long-accepted materials are seldom replaced by a new product or approach.

April 18, 2021, 8:43 PM EDT