Rapid Growth Thanks to Service, Values-Based Leadership and Great Construction Equipment

Later this year, Houston-headquartered CBS Rentals will open its twelfth location in Bryan-College Station, a metropolitan area in Texas. The rapidly-growing construction equipment rental firm takes pride in its vast inventory, stellar service, and values-based leadership style that emphasizes more than just the bottom line.

CBS Rentals

Safety Starts at the Top

When we think of head protection on construction sites, hard hats come to mind. Unchanged for decades, most are made with a rigid plastic outer shell, usually orange or yellow, with criss-crossed suspension webbing inside, keeping the shell about an inch above the top of the wearer’s head, allowing for some ventilation, and more importantly, serving as a barrier between the helmet and the skull in case a falling object strikes the user, or in case of a fall.

KASK America Inc.

Where the Best is Built In

True collaboration in construction – as in life – is worth utilizing. It often takes extra care and effort to bring a diverse group of people together to fulfill a dream. However, for organizations looking for a construction company that aims to fulfill dreams through true collaboration, Straticon is the company to contact.


Building Success with Passion, Performance and Persistence

The Collage Companies has been building in Central Florida for nearly four decades. Their mission is “to build projects that strengthen the foundation and fabric of our community” and, since its founding in 1982, the company has accomplished this mission by diligently serving owners and carrying out its corporate promise to become an integral part or partner of the client’s building process.

The Collage Companies

Taking BCC into the Future

It takes a formidable team to make a mark on the highways and byways of Florida’s legendary road network. BCC Engineering has made history by securing some of the state’s largest projects for its impressive portfolio.

BCC Engineering

Tenacity, Family Values and a Leap of Faith – The Next Generation of Atlantic TNG

Organizations that operate in a family environment can change in many ways as each generation enters the business. For Atlantic TNG LLC, the next generation alluded to by its name is Megan Kitchner, a third-generation precaster who launched her own division of the family business in 2011 in Sarasota, Florida and has been working hard to ensure the business thrives for many more generations to come.

Atlantic TNG

Versatility In Practice

American Electrical Contracting Inc. is a unique entity that serves residential, industrial, and commercial customers in North Florida and Southeast Georgia with both new construction and service electrical work. Due to recent hurricane activity in the area, the fastest-growing part of the business involves installing residential generators. We spoke with Chief Operating Officer David Yencarelli to find out more.

American Electrical Contracting

Leading the Solar Energy Revolution

As Kermit the Frog so famously lamented, ‘It’s not easy being green,’ and it truly is not easy. However, it is possible – where there is political will and a company with a vision such as Sullivan Solar Power, headquartered in San Diego. That city has gone even further than the state and is committed to one hundred percent clean energy by 2035, ten years ahead of the State of California’s goal of 2045 as set out in Senate Bill 100, signed in 2018.

Sullivan Solar Power

Simply the Best

Whoever coined the idiom ‘there is strength in numbers’ could have been referring to City Electric Supply (CES), part of a privately-owned electric wholesale network. CES has over seven thousand employees worldwide, half of them based in North America. The company has grown to have over 560 locations across North America and seventy branches in Canada, opening four new branches in the Western provinces in this year alone.

City Electric Supply

Providing Superior and Diverse Project Expertise

With thirty years of experience on complex and sophisticated projects in and around New York City, Kanta Electric’s knowledge of the electrical industry is strong and varied. This leader in electrical contracting prides itself on state-of-the-art power and electric solutions, meeting the diverse needs of New York’s leading public and private sector clients, while its broad business experience means superior electrical and power services for numerous high-profile projects.

Kanta Electric

August 14, 2020, 3:37 AM EDT