A Highly Skilled and Dependable National Painting Contractor

Benise-Dowling & Associates, Inc. (BDA) is a national provider of painting and powder coating services. Established in 1978, the company’s reputation is based upon adding value for its clients. Its philosophy is “Your Customer Is Our Customer;” therefore, every decision made is made with the customer in mind.

Benise-Dowling and Associates

Creating a Strong and Sustainable Landscape Company with Human-Centered Approach

Commercial Investors and Property Managers want to work with landscape companies that are experts in their field, have the resources to handle jobs of all sizes, offer a wide service range, and charge competitive rates. But just as important, are the people representing the companies. They should be proactive, responsive, and adaptable to your unique business needs and hopefully, express passion and enthusiasm in the process of managing all phases of the service.

Crystal Greens Landscape

Bowman Looks to a Strong Future

Growth and change play imperative roles in every company’s success, and the mindset a company adopts regarding both of these elements can very well dictate whether it survives, or fails to thrive in a turbulent economy. Bowman Consulting works diligently to make sure its future success is handled with care as it moves forward, treating clients with respect and diplomacy, while ensuring its employees are included as valid and respected members of the team.

Bowman Consulting

A Decade of Hard Work Pays Off

Nearly two centuries ago, one of Brad Campbell’s ancestors – Chief Notchininga, also known as No Heart or No Heart of Fear – helped draw up tribal maps during treaty discussions with the U.S. government. Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer and principal owner of Bear Claw Construction Management, LLC, a Native American-owned business devoted to superior service, hard work, and assisting tribal communities. The company marks the start of its tenth anniversary this fall by showcasing an impressive portfolio of completed projects and a growing workforce.

Bear Claw Construction Management

Building the Future of Construction for 35 years

General contractor and construction management firm JANEY Construction Management has been shaping the New England landscape for the past three and a half decades, celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary this year. The company is trusted by project owners to oversee and bring their construction dreams to life.

JANEY Construction Management

Building on Fifty Years of Success

When most people think of American steel, they envision industry giants Pittsburgh or Bethlehem on the East Coast. However, in the Pacific Northwest, one company has remained apart from the industry giants. For over half a century, Puget Sound Steel has been proudly independent, bringing decades of experience as well as a high level of customer focus to the Seattle area and beyond. Puget Sound Steel is employee-owned-and-operated, offering a quality-over-quantity business model that emphasizes project care and success.

Puget Sound Steel

Leading its Field with Quality and Client Focus

Patriot Erectors, LLC is one of three companies in Texas that is dual certified in steel fabrication and erection by the American Institute of Steel Construction, providing a turnkey service in a market with varied demands.

Patriot Erectors

Planning Ahead for Steady and Sustainable Growth

Fabricating heavy to medium structural steel for a wide range of industries, PKM Steel Service, Inc. has been growing steadily and sustainably over the last few years. The current strong economy in the United States has enabled its growth and with the ability to reach out and work in every state, PKM has an extensive customer base, allowing it to be very selective about its partners. Reputable, good, ethical businesses and people are the only options considered worthy by PKM.

PKM Steel Service, Inc.

A Family Business Celebrating 60 Years

Ben’s Structural Fabrication has the in-house resources to provide turnkey structural solutions to architects, contractors, and engineers on large-scale construction projects. These resources include expertise in drafting, detailing, three-dimensional modeling, structural steel fabrication, and miscellaneous metals fabrication.

Ben’s Structural Fabrication

Safety and Success in Chicago

Renovation goes far beyond replacing façades and adding a wall or two. New water pipes, sewer mains, electrical and fiber optic cables all require holes, most drilled through new or existing concrete. Such holes require advanced equipment wielded by highly-trained industry professionals. In the Midwest, Hard Rock Concrete Cutters has built over thirty years of success, with an emphasis on safety, customer focus, and stability.

Hard Rock Concrete Cutters

From Here to There

Throughout history, humans have been limited by simple logistics – how to get from here to there? For thousands of years, venturing out of one’s village required braving wild and rugged terrain. Travel was inherently dangerous. Roads were rough and rudimentary, if there were any at all.

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