Caring and Compassionate

In the past two decades, the number of Americans retiring has almost doubled, as about ten thousand men and women turn sixty-five every day. These numbers, combined with more of us living longer productive lives, mean that the demand for quality independent living facilities keeps growing.

Inspired Living at Royal Palm Beach

Increasing Spaces and Services to Better Serve the Community

The main responsibility of the Harris County Pets (HCP) resource center is looking after animals in unincorporated Harris County, and a wide selection of services is needed to do this properly, including medical care, spaying and neutering, and adoptions. A small, low-cost wellness center at the shelter gives affordable veterinary services to those who need financial help.

Harris County Pets

Building the Future

Built in 1929, Reynolds Middle School was once well-suited to the needs of the children of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But after 90 years of growth and evolving educational needs, renovation had lagged and the school needed major upgrading. That’s what a far-sighted school district is doing now.

Reynolds Middle School

LEEDing the Way in Campus Transformations

The challenges that post-secondary educational institutions all over North America have come in many forms today. One of the most pressing is ensuring that the school maintains a robust student population. But attracting new students to your halls is not solely about having an established reputation for producing the best and brightest minds or the vintage charm of your campus. There are many factors that students take into consideration. High on that list is an expectation of a strong technical infrastructure and a modern aesthetic.

Western Connecticut State University, Higgins Hall

Where Construction First Means Building the Right Relationship

Finding a technologically advanced partner is key to modern design-build projects. Mowery of Pennsylvania brings expertise to the entire spectrum of construction projects, from preplanning to completion, all the while, keeping strong personal relationships at the forefront.


Focused on the Present, Ready for the Future

In construction, versatility ensures a steady stream of business and the ability to adapt when market trends change. In the Midwestern United States, Holladay Construction Group has long exemplified this adaptability and will continue to do so long into the future.

Holladay Construction Group

Proven Results Through Experience and Communication

As any relationship counselor will tell you, communication is key. In construction, clear communication between builders and clients is essential to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Senate Construction Corporation

Above and Beyond

Since 1976, National Roofing Co. of Albuquerque, New Mexico has been setting the standard for how roofers should treat clients and staff. Now in its second generation, this recognized Master Contractor is constantly striving to be a positive part of the community it serves while diversifying into performing more envelope work and preparing to grow into new areas. We spoke with National Roofing President Jackson Johns.

National Roofing Company

Bringing Interior Beauty to Living in New York

It’s great to meet a master of his craft, who yet remains humble. Josh Wiener, the visionary founder of SilverLining Inc. is one such person. Josh shares his company’s story with humor and humility, revealing how he forged a unique reputation in New York City’s competitive construction market.

SilverLining Inc.

When it Comes to Renovation, Who do the Hospitality Hot-Shots Turn to?

Zelham Inc. specializes in renovating hotels. Trusted by multinationals like Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Zelham fields a team that knows how to create the least disturbance in an operating hotel, all while delivering on time and on budget.

Zelham, Inc.

May 7, 2021, 9:05 AM EDT