Building with Quality, Safety and Affordability in Mind

A person’s home is more than a physical structure providing shelter. Homes are our refuges from the masses and places where families are raised, friends socialize, and where our most memorable times are shared. But there is a huge differentiator between a building that is merely a roof over our heads and a home that is considered quality, safe, suitable, and affordable housing. Research clearly indicates that the latter leads to a sense of personal wellbeing.

Canfield Development

Building a New Life For A New Land

Sometimes making a better life for you and your family involves more than just building a house; it means creating a place to call home.

Times Group Corporation

Energy-Smart and Stylish Too

When introduced to Pamela Ventresca, Chief Operations Officer of PACE Developments, the first thing that strikes one is her passion for realty done right. Her fully-integrated, multi-disciplinary development and construction firm is not one to let the grass grow under its feet; the PACE Developments team works efficiently and fast. It serves the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with a selection of services ranging from land development and home building, to decor and interior design.

PACE Developments

60 Years of Success

Weaver-Bailey Contractors was founded on quality, integrity, and a strong commitment to clients, staff, and suppliers. The company continues to uphold these values sixty years after the company was created by brothers-in-law Voyne Weaver and Joe Bailey in Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas.

Weaver-Bailey Contractors

Taking Pride in Construction

Heavy civil construction company Muschlitz Excavating is a leading provider of site services in Eastern Pennsylvania. This company prefers to partner with developers from the earliest design stages of a project because it works better – and working better is everything.

Muschlitz Excavating

Seventy-Five Years and Counting

Miller Bros. Const., Inc. has a proud history stretching back 75 years. “We started out by digging ditches,” says President Brad Miller. Since then, the third generation, family owned business has grown from humble beginnings in Northwest Ohio to an industry leader licensed in 12 different states.

Miller Bros. Const., Inc.

Supporting the Construction Industry

Construction professionals build our nation – literally. I Build America (IBA) works to give these men and women the recognition they deserve. The national movement instills pride in the construction industry, educates the public about the value of construction, and recruits the next generation of construction professionals.

I Build America

An Ounce of Prevention

As climate change brings on a higher risk of flooding, many municipalities, engineers, contractors, and builders have taken a proactive approach when it comes to flood preventative measures.

Flood-conscious Construction & Remediation

Environmentally Sound

As the urgency of treading more lightly on the earth takes centre stage this month, we take a look at new green construction best practices that are leading North America to a cleaner – and greener – building industry.

Green Construction Practices

Silver (and Steel) Linings

The construction industry has managed to overcome some massive hurdles in 2020. Despite a range of challenges, from orders to halt work during the shutdown to navigating new health and safety requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the industry kept going. As the year draws to a close, it is time to celebrate some of its notable success stories.

December 2, 2020, 11:22 PM EST