Revolutionizing Precleaner Products

When it comes to engine and HVAC precleaning systems, Sy-Klone International is a renowned, worldwide leader in both the production and design of products used in construction, mining, waste handling, agriculture and heavy equipment applications. The company has been leading the way since 1986, and its latest innovation, the patented XLR Powered Precleaner®, is the latest example.

Sy-Klone International

Tailor-made Efficiency

Big machinery out in the field has more in common with regular passenger vehicles than one might think – including the need for lubrication and fuel. To solve the issue, oil, fuel, water, and lubrication support trucks are used to keep large vehicles and equipment fueled and running smoothly.

Taylor Pump & Lift

An Innovative Company’s Rapid Growth in Canada

Canadian construction company Pomerleau is a choice partner for a breadth of buildings, infrastructure, and civil projects nationwide. It specializes in a diverse range of contractual arrangements for construction including design-build, stipulated-sum, private-public partnership (P3) projects, and construction management.


Thriving Thanks to a Strong Reputation

In February of 2018, I spoke with McDonald Excavating’s President, Ryan McDonald. We talked about the challenges that come with being a minority-owned business, a strong partnership with Hoffman Construction, and steady growth within the construction industry. On the cusp of the company’s fortieth anniversary, I once again had the privilege of talking with Ryan and learned how the company’s success is steering it to new ventures.

McDonald Excavating

Southern California’s Go-To Landscape Construction Firm

Commercial landscape installation and maintenance business Pierre Landscape is based in Southern California with two offices in operation. The company was founded by Harold Young in 1988, performing irrigation installations on large estate homes in the more high-end areas of the Los Angeles market; from there, it progressed into landscaping services to meet growing client demand. The company would go on to move into both commercial projects and work for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and has expanded into further projects involving hospitals, architectural podium work, and anywhere else that landscape and irrigation work is required.

Pierre Landscape

Bringing Small Business Values to Big Construction

Pro-Can Construction Group is a lean and agile general contractor serving metro Vancouver. The company punches above its weight, bringing home substantial commercial and institutional projects in the face of major competition.

Pro-Can Construction Group

Serving the Northland for Fifty Years and Counting

Duluth, Minnesota is home to a construction company that for 50 years has proven its diverse capabilities for clients in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Today, Northland Constructors is thriving with approximately 40 full-time and 250 seasonal employees.

Northland Constructors of Duluth

Skilled Professionals in Every Aspect of Property Management

Melchior Management 777 Corporation of Barrie, Ontario owns and manages a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties. These successful properties stand as clear confirmation that good property management doesn’t cost – it pays. And it has its perks.

Melchior Management

Housing Affordability

Affordable housing generally refers to the average cost of housing that can be maintained financially by a middle income earner. However, depending on the housing market you find yourself in, your income bracket, your desire to rent or own, the size of the dwelling required, and the age and condition of the structure, the meaning of the term ‘affordable’ varies.

What Does It Mean?

Silver (and Steel) Linings

The construction industry has managed to overcome some massive hurdles in 2020. Despite a range of challenges, from orders to halt work during the shutdown to navigating new health and safety requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the industry kept going. As the year draws to a close, it is time to celebrate some of its notable success stories.

December 2, 2020, 10:39 PM EST