Strong as Steel

For LPR Construction, an essential service, the past year’s pandemic has seen the company meet challenges head-on with strength and resilience – executing its steel erection, industrial construction, and plant services projects as ever with professionalism and care for safety.

LPR Construction

Better Engineering for a Stormy World

To meet the needs of today’s erratic weather patterns, construction must evolve. America’s Midwestern Tornado Alley region is especially at risk. But in Oklahoma City, Coreslab Structures (OKLA) Inc. is pushing the envelope of precast concrete to provide multi-story safety solutions.

Coreslab Structures (OKLA) Inc.

Customer Service with Every Stroke of the Brush

Since 1946, Shahan & Son Painting has provided commercial, industrial, and institutional painting services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, where the company is recognized for quality, reliability, and above all, customer service.

Shahan & Son Painting, Ltd.

Communication is Key

A leader in Canadian construction, family-owned Structural Panels Inc. (SPI) has a rich history as a top supplier of structural insulated panels to construction companies, architects, designers, contractors and specialty builders. This year, it is celebrating its 35th anniversary with expansion and a new partnership.

Structural Panels Inc.

An Avant-Garde Approach

The world of Adi Development Group is one of innovation, improvement, and growth. While there appear to be few in construction who are ready and willing to seize what new technology can offer the industry, Adi’s founding brothers, Tariq and Saud Adi, always push the envelope on ever more complex construction feats.

Adi Development Group

Taking Backyards from Blah to Blissful

Wouldn’t you like to step outside to cool off in your pool and lounge by the relaxing greenery? Maybe cook up something fabulous in the outdoor kitchen and have friends over for a meal and a Manhattan cocktail by the fire pit?

Designscapes Colorado

Seventy Years of Success

Clarence Davids, Sr. launched his landscape company in 1951 with one truck, a seventh-grade education, and lots of can-do attitude. “His office was the back porch,” remembers his son, current Clarence Davids & Co. President Bill Davids. “Mom helped him with phones and bookkeeping.”

Clarence Davids & Co.

New Partnership, Same Commitment

Crystal Greens Landscape specializes in all phases of commercial landscape management. Since its founding in 1990, the Portland, Oregon-based business has helped clients maintain and improve property value through a wide range of services and technical expertise.

Crystal Greens Landscape

Things Are Heating up For Geothermal Energy

Geoexchange is how geothermal energy, generated and stored below the Earth’s surface, provides efficient and cost-effective heating, cooling, and hot water to a home or structure. Because the temperature below the surface of the earth remains constant, exchanging heat is more efficient, making geoexchange more sustainable than conventional HVAC, at a fraction of the financial and environmental cost. Known as geothermal heat pumps or ground source heat pumps, these systems use the stable temperature of the ground to store heat energy so it can be pulled back out and distributed into a building using minimal electricity.

Geosource Energy

Many Roles, One Vision, and One New Name

After over two decades in business, it was name-change time for the powerhouse Beaverbrook Group of Companies. CEO George Cantalini and team spent three years restructuring, sometimes merging, and bringing together everything under one banner: Cantiro.


May 5, 2021, 9:49 PM EDT