Exploring New Avenues in Green Rubber

If you’re a high-performance athlete, or simply working on your feet all day, the importance of flooring is paramount. As the world’s leading rubber-flooring provider, The Mondo Group boasts over 70 years of history and development making Olympic athletes – and us, the common worker – perform better and feel healthier.

Mondo Contract Flooring

Connecting Communities Through a Collaborative, Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Full-service, interdisciplinary, and architecturally-led, this design studio, MJMA, was founded in 1988 and has operated as a single Toronto-based office for the last thirty years. Its focus has been on public buildings, particularly community and campus projects. These two typologies share the opportunity of bringing people together to increase social interaction, and this is where MJMA shines.


Macro Environmental Stewardship Through Micro Touches

Taking care of the environment, in construction, means considering the environmental aspect of every detail of everyday operations. Driven by a team of forward-thinking solution seekers, Graham is a general contractor rooted in its mandate to care for its clients while mitigating the impact of its construction footprint and protecting the Earth.

Graham Management Services

The Beauty of Building Sustainably

Provencher_Roy’s goal is sustainability in architecture interior design, urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture, and industrial design. Hailing from Montreal, this member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is now planning to share its passion for sustainable development Canada-wide.

Provencher_Roy Architects

The Growth of Green Building

There’s a strong case that can be made for building green. Sale prices of commercial and residential green buildings that are certified to environmental rating systems can be up to 30 percent higher than conventional buildings. Tenants also find green-certified buildings appealing and this can help raise rental rates by up to 25 percent; likewise, occupancy rates of green-certified buildings are up to 23 percent higher.


Bold New Measures for a Low-carbon Canada

As Canada continues to work toward a 2050 goal of net-zero carbon emissions, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is focused on creating a greener, more sustainable, and low-carbon building sector.

The Canada Green Building Council

Ready for Company Changes and Industry Shake-Ups

From its home base of Saskatchewan, Conquest Equipment has been operating as a heavy construction equipment renter and seller since the 1990s, primarily in western Canada, with additional markets in the northern United States.

Conquest Equipment

The Key to 21st Century Security Is No Key At All

The key to modern security may be no key at all; instead, it’s simple solutions in installation and set-up from SALTO Systems: standalone, battery-powered electronic locks for access controls that are reliable and affordable, efficient and easy to use, without the need for complex and costly wiring.

SALTO Systems

Making the World a One-Stop Shop

Boasting the world’s largest platform for buying and selling used machinery and equipment, Machinio makes it effortless for thousands of sellers to connect with thousands of buyers, facilitating faster and more straightforward transactions worldwide.


Innovative, Technology-Driven Solutions in the Field of Industrial Services

KAEFER Canada is the Canadian arm of a global leader in the field of insulation and related services. Originally founded in Germany in 1918, KAEFER has built a reputation for delivering quality services worldwide and traces its roots in the Canadian market back nearly seventy years.

KAEFER Canada Inc.

June 12, 2021, 11:14 PM EDT